Learn more about what Coachai can do for players.

Coachai is a coach training platform that delivers rugby league coaching sessions/ drills set out for club coaches for each season.

Coachai has developed online Rugby League coaching programs.

Coachai supports both players skill and personal development through our tailored coaching programs. Our aim is to not only provide coaching with sophisticated coaching sessions to deliver to their young people but also improves players confidence in their ability.

Kids today, struggle with acceptance due to the exposure of social media and we believe in the promotion of a positive environment and mindset to support not only physical but mental development.

Our programs are designed to enable a platform for clubs and club coaches to easily implement a high standard of coaching and player development ensuring the success of the player whether they are playing Rugby League socially or want to develop their skills to a more advanced level.

The Coachai coaches have had extensive experience in player development at a Junior level to supporting the development of many Senior and Professional level Rugby League players.


  • 24/7 access on all devices
  • Schedule and create your own coaching plans
  • Built by coaches for coaches
  • Giving coaches the tools to stay ahead of the game